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Our repeat customers don't call back with repeat problems...

Being a Physician in Family Medicine and running my own practice I was hesitant about using an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution, but Vitalysys conveyed to me how it would improve my patient management ability as well as increase my insurance repayments and I have never been more satisfied.  We have significantly reduced patient wait time, printer maintenance, and overall practice efficiency.  In the first three months alone my patient wait times were reduced by an average 20 minutes and my patient intake increased 30%.  The previous I.T. company just fixed computer issues but Vitalysys fixed my Practice.  If you want to assist more patients in a timely manner and increase your network stability I recommend you use Vitalysys Technologies to solve both your challenges.


Dr. Brett Owens, MD

Remerton Family Medicine


Vitalysys has enabled our church family to grow and still be able to provide excellent customer service to our church family.  Vitalysys implemented a church management software that is state of the art and allows us to handle financial statement requests on down to birthday requests seamlessly.  They’re consultative approach to deployment is superior to the competition.  I recommend Vitalysys to churches of all denominations if you want to simplify your church back office processes.


Alice Ragland, I.T. Manager

Fellowship of Faith Church International


We’re in the transportation industry located in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Vitalysys designed and implemented our solution over 3 years ago and our network is able to grow as our company is growing.  Vitalysys proactively manages and monitors our environment enabling us to focus on our clients and growing our business.  Although we are a small company, Vitalysys designed our network with the same efficiency and stability of much larger companies.  It is important for me to be able to access my network when traveling.  Whether I’m outside the office in North Carolina, in Hawaii or Haiti I can access my network without issue.  With our I.T. Roadmap we are able to budget months in advance to stay ahead of the competition and the technology curve.  We have all the tools we need to compete without having to pay an I.T. person 5 times what we pay Vitalysys.  If you’re currently paying a monthly fee to some other company I urge you to give Vitalysys a call.  If you want a solution that will grow as your company grows, Vitalysys is the only company out there to provide you that direction.  Vitalysys Technologies will enhance your network and peace of mind.



Wendy Jones;

V.P. of Finance, Covenant Trucking



We used Vitalysys to relocate our network to a new location and they handled every detail and ensured we have the best solution in place.  They understand the budgetary challenges that small business owners are faced with and yet always come through with a cost effective solution that works.    The features that they have enabled on our network have increased uptime to 99.5% and we even have remote capability which was something another consultant told us we’d have to upgrade our hardware to get, but Vitalysys got it up and running with our existing hardware.  I highly recommend their services to anyone running a small business and needing honest professional clear cut advice on computer related issues.


Ethan Allen

Owner, Stuff4Greeks




I am in the consulting field as well and Vitalysys always comes through with the best most cost effective solution.  When my company grew and I realized I needed a network for my business Vitalysys took care of every step of the and explained it without a lot of technical mumbo jumbo.  They ask me what was important to me and then they met or exceeded my expectations.  Now my network is stable and we have most of the bells and whistles that the “big boys” have without the added cost.  If you currently have someone working on your system I highly recommend that you give Vitalysys a call because they are the small business experts!


Janet Rechtman

Principal Consultant, Rechtman Consulting Group




Never again will I take my precious computer filled with data from over the past 8 years to one of those “computer fix-it places” without first consulting with Vitalysys.  They’re a straight forward consulting company with the knowledge and expertise to assist any small business out there with more than two computers.  While other consultant companies typically offer you a “Cadillac” solution, Vitalysys understands that not all small business owners can afford a “Cadillac” but they do need reliability and that is what Vitalysys solutions are- RELIABLE.  Now I’m part of the Going Green telecommuting workforce thanks to the recommendations from Vitalsys Technologies.  They’re prices are more than fair and they’re support is impeccable.


Michele Taylor

Managing Partner, Tempest Bleu Event Planning



I’m in the mechanical repair industry and we’re very knowledgeable and superior at maintaining dump trucks.  The same can be said about Vitalysys and maintaining our computer systems.  Vitalysys ensures that we’re able to focus on our business and not the stability of our network.  They came highly recommended to us and I must say they have lived up to that reputation.  If you’re tired of seeing a tech come onsite and ask you to reboot your computer a couple of times and then give you the “tech talk speech” about needing to upgrade or purchase new hardware- here’s what you do call 770-877-2535 it’s just the remedy you will need.  As a small business owner the last thing you want to worry about is are the computers working today?  Vitalysys Technologies has shown me that computers are powerful tools to enable growth and success in our business.


Carlton Jones
V.P. of Operations, Youngsville Trucks and Tires


I speak as a professional in the real estate industry at one of the top firms in the Southeast. Vitalysys has provided me with the freedom to devote 100% of my time to the delivery of superior service to my clients. The tech support I receive from Vitalysys allows me the time to fulfill on my first commitment: serving my clients. I’ve been recommending Vitalysys for years and I work in an industry where your reputation is everything. I only refer those that I trust.  I trust Vitalysys.  Before you call 1-800-tech-support I recommend you make a call to the experts that will give you a straightforward answer that will typically resolve your issue and/or challenge.

BeJai Johnson

Real Estate Professional