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The Small to Mid-size Business Technology Solution Provider

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Services & Solutions Offered

vITalysys Technologies is dedicated to providing you with a reliable high level of customer satisfaction and technology solutions. We are an indispensible technology asset to our customers and we are passionate about it.

We provide the following services:

·       Information technology analysis, strategy, and design:  All of our solutions are scalable in design to grow and/or be tailored to meet your simple or complex business needs.

·         Proactive Server Management: Servers are one of the critical pieces to any network environment and vITalysys has over 10 years of hands on experience maintaining them.


·         Server Consolidation and Virtualization: Many small and medium size companies are intimidated by the virtualization solution because of cost but now more than ever it is affordable and even a free option in some Operating Systems.


·         Network relocation and moves: Let our experienced and knowledgeable technicians handle the disconnect and/or reconnect of one of your most vital assets in doing business.


·         On-site maintenance and support: Our proven proactive methodology is one of the reasons our customers trust us- we don't wait until there is a problem before we recommend a solution.


·         Remote monitoring and support:  Proactive support is a corner stone to our consulting services- we enable you to focus on your business and we focus on your network.


·         Website maintenance: Do you honestly remember the last time you updated your website?


·         Remote Access:  Let us enable your ability to access your network and resources from anywhere an internet connection is available.


·         Spam filtering services: Tired of your Inbox being filled with "Refinance offers, or Satellite TV Deals or even worse inappropriate and explicit emails"?


·         Unmatched anti-virus protection: We understand that it isn't a matter of "if" but "when", let vITalysys Technologies take the worry out viruses and trojans attempting to infiltrate your network.


·         Continuous Back-up and restoration services: We ensure that there isn't a single point of failure within your environment and apply the best industry standard practices of ensuring your data can be restored.




Know what it feels like to have a full-time IT staff with out the full-time cost.
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